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Handling methods for oil leakage faults of submersible pumps

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Handling methods for oil leakage faults of submersible pumps

There are generally two possibilities for oil leakage from submersible pumps:

1. The sealing box is severely worn, causing oil leakage in the sealing box oil chamber.

2. Cable oiling, or improper use of cables after repair, resulting in poor sealing and oil leakage.

Maintenance method:

1. Maintenance of whether the sealing box is damaged or leaking oil

Unscrew the oil filling hole nut at the water inlet joint and observe if there is water in the oil chamber of the sealing box. 

If there is water in the oil chamber, it indicates that the sealing box is poorly sealed and should be replaced.

Method for replacing the sealing box:

First, remove the pump cover, unscrew the nut that fastens the impeller, remove the impeller, rubber wood, gasket, water thrower, and other accessories, 

then remove the water inlet joint, remove the stable key and shaft sleeve on the shaft, remove the stable plate of the sealing box, and then remove the sealing box.

When installing a new sealing box, the following points must be noted:

-Before installation, immerse in engine oil and rotate the bearing sleeve

-During installation, a false guide bearing must be installed on the shaft end of the motor, 

and a false key must be installed in the keyway to avoid damaging the sealing rubber ring inside the shaft sleeve.

2. Maintenance of oil leakage at the outlet of the motor

Observe if there is any oil accumulation at the root of the cable. If there is, it is an internal oil leakage in the motor. 

Generally, the three eye sealant plug is damaged and should be replaced. At the same time, cut off the oiled part of the cable and reconnect it.

However, some submersible pumps do not require a three eye sealant plug, and there is a wiring board inside the outlet box. 

If the wiring board ruptures, it can also cause oil leakage, and the wiring board should be replaced.

3. If the lead wire used in the repair of a submersible pump with a rewound coil is not qualified (too small), it can also cause oil leakage in the motor

When repairing oil leakage faults. Attention should be paid to using an insulation resistance meter to measure the insulation resistance value of the motor.

 If the insulation resistance value is very low, it should be removed and dried to achieve an insulation resistance value of over 5MΩ.

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