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Maintenance method of agricultural submersible pump in slack season

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Maintenance method of agricultural submersible pump in slack season

1. Check vulnerable parts

The impeller, retaining ring, shaft sleeve, bearing seat, etc. of the submersible pump are vulnerable parts. 

First, remove the water pump and check whether the vulnerable parts are intact. 

It is forbidden to use damaged and unqualified parts.

2. Replace lubricating oil

Open the oil hole screws in the sealing chamber and the motor respectively, drain all the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber and the motor

and replace with new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating system.

3. Remove the pump casing to prevent rusting

Before use in spring, remove the upper pump casing, turn the impeller, and then switch on and start, to prevent the motor from being 

burnt out due to rusting of parts. This maintenance is particularly important for water-filled motors.

4. Ensure sealing

Agricultural submersible pumps have strict requirements for sealing. When replacing the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber, 

if the oil quality is turbid and the water content is high, the sealing box or sealing ring 

must be replaced or replaced as a whole to ensure good sealing performance.

5. Drying motor

Use a 500 megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the winding and the shell of the submersible pump. 

If the resistance value is less than 0.5 megohm, the water in the motor should be removed. 

Drying methods include external drying method, electric current drying method and combined drying method. 

The external drying method is to use the external heat source for treatment.

The common measures include:

⑴ blowing hot air: 

using the blower of electric heater (electric hair dryer can be used for small agricultural submersible pump) to blow hot air to achieve the purpose of drying treatment

⑵ Bulb baking: 

use several 200-watt bulbs to bake in an airtight box. Note that the baking temperature should not be too high and should be controlled below 125 ℃

⑶ Current drying: 

The three-phase windings of the motor can be connected in series or in parallel according to the impedance of the 

submersible pump and the size of the power supply, and then a variable resistor can be connected to 

adjust the current to about 60% of the rated current value, and then power on for drying.

6. Ensure bearing lubrication

Check and replace the skeleton oil seal and lithium grease of the upper and lower end cover bearing chambers of the water-filled submersible pump. 

In order to ensure that the bearing works under good lubrication for a long time.

7. Check the bearing

check the upper and lower bearings of the motor. If wear or excessive clearance is found, the bearing must be replaced in time. 

It is strictly prohibited to make use of the bearing with defects.

The inspection method is as follows:

-If the motor generates clicking sound when it is running, and the cycle is proportional to the speed, 

and it is laborious to rotate the rotor by hand, it is a little astringent or torn off on the bearing raceway.

-If there is intermittent choking noise in the bearing, there is an undetermined dead point when rotating the rotor by hand, 

usually the ball rack is damaged, the inner ring is broken or the ball is broken

In case of the above conditions, the bearing must be replaced to avoid further damage.

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