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Water Pump Engine Failure And Repair

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Water Pump Engine Failure And Repair

The previous engine did not have the accessory of the water pump. It was later that the accessory of the water pump was used, but with its use, it also brought a lot of failures.

The Fault : 

  • The hot antifreeze has a smell. Use a mirror and a light to see if there is water leakage at the vent of the water pump.

  • The bearing is damaged and the pump shaft is seized.

  • The impeller is corroded, the coolant is red and rusty.

  • Whether the coolant circulates normally.

  • The water pump is overheated.

The Reason :

1. Why do these failures occur in the water pump? Some people think that the submersible pump is caused by too many accessories driven by the same belt. A sealing expert said: "The resonance generated by the accessories driven by the same belt has different frequencies, which can damage the seal of the water pump, so the water pump will have water leakage."

2. In addition, the tensioning device of the snake-shaped leather cong exerts a large load on the water pump product.

3. Corrosion will occur at the water inlet and outlet of the water pump, because there are some corrosive elements in the water, which will change some metal substances, which will corrode the metal, and this is also a cause of water pump failure.

4. The leakage of the cooling system will cause the inhaled air to destroy the pre-set coolant flow pattern, which will not only cause overheating, but also aggravate the corrosion of the water pump.

4. Some users lack the maintenance of the water pump, and leave it alone after use, so that there is still a liquid in the pump, which will also cause the pump to malfunction when it is used again. There is also the overheating of the water pump, the coolant loses its ability to lubricate the seals, and the seals will be scratched. The poor quality of the self-priming pump itself is also one of the pump failures.

5. If the hair-shaped belt used in the old model is used in the new model to replace the serpentine belt of the new model, the direction of the two belts will be inconsistent, which will cause the coolant of the water pump to overheat and cause failure. Improper belt tension and the water pump will fail.

6. Long-term shortage of coolant, overheating of the engine, steam corrosion, damage to the radiator, and other water pump problems.

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