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How Many Meters Are The Deep Well Water Pumps Generally Placed at?

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How many meters is the deep well pump generally placed ?

Abstract: The deep well submersible pump is a water-lifting tool that is directly connected to the motor and the water pump to work in the water. It can be used for water-lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals, and can also be used for city, factory, railway, mine, construction site drainage, many When people use deep well water pumps, they need to consider the placement height. 

The following is a list of contents

  • How many meters are the deep water well pumps generally placed at?

  • How many meters should the deep well submersible pump be placed correctly?

1. How many meters are the deep water well pumps generally placed at?

The deep well pump is generally not more than 70 meters down to the still water surface.

(1) The water inlet of the pump is 1 meter below the dynamic water level, but the diving depth should not exceed 70 meters below the static water level, and the lower end of the motor is below 1 meter from the bottom of the well.

(2) The rated power is less than or equal to 15kw (25kw when the power supply allows), and the motor is started with full voltage.

If it is a submersible pump, the general submersible pump is marked with the depth that can be put into the water, and it should not exceed this data. If this data is not marked, the diving depth should be reduced as much as possible under the condition of ensuring water absorption. If it is a long shaft deep well pump, it is not limited by the depth, as long as the motor is not flooded.

2. How many meters should the deep well submersible pump be placed correctly?

Example 1  A 300-meter deep water well can put the pump at 250 meters. Confined water refers to groundwater that is buried under pressure between two aquifers below the surface. When people dig wells to penetrate the impermeable layer and expose the roof of the aquifer, the confined water will rise under the action of the water head, and it will not stabilize until it reaches a certain height.

Example 2  When the stabilized height reaches 70 meters, it is enough to place the submersible pump at the position of 80 meters. Confined water has a stable water-retaining roof and can only indirectly receive recharge from atmospheric precipitation and surface water above it. Therefore, the confined water is not very affected by the local weather, and there is a hysteresis phenomenon. So only the submersible pump was placed 80m away.

The water inlet of the deep well submersible pump should be submerged 3 meters below the moving water level, and the distance between the lower end of the deep well submersible pump unit and the bottom of the well should be kept not less than 5 meters. The length of the lift pipe can be determined according to the depth of the moving water level. Considering the fluctuation of the moving water level, the diving depth of the water inlet of the deep well submersible pump can be appropriately increased when determining the length of the lift pipe.

Example 3 There is a 10% well, the specific information is as follows, please purchase a deep well submersible pump for this well.

① The diameter of the well is 200mm;

② The well kick is 60 cubic meters per hour;

③ The vertical distance from the clean water level in the well to the well platform is 40 meters;

④ During the test pumping, the net water level drops 10 meters and stabilizes;

⑤ After the water is raised from the well, it is transported to the top of a slope with

a slope of 30 degrees and a slope length of 100 meters

Solution: H net=40+10+100×sin30゜=100(meter)

Pipeline: 1=40+10+100=150 (meters)

According to the table, when the flow rate is 50 cubic meters per hour, it is more economical to configure a 3" pipeline.

The total loss of the pipeline: H loss = 150 × 10.32% = 15.48 (m)

H actual = 100 + 15.48 = 115.48 (meters)

After checking the instruction manual of the deep well submersible pump, it is more reasonable to choose the Dolay Pump Industry 200QJ50-130-30kW deep well submersible pump.

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