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Proper Use Of Submersible Pumps Can Achieve Maximum Efficiency

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Proper Use of Submersible Pumps Can Achieve Maximum Efficiency

How to use the submersible pump correctly? 

If the use is unreasonable, the service life of the submersible pump will be shortened, 

Submersible pump life, an important factor to reduce economic losses.

  1. For the submersible pump, some necessary inspections should be done before starting :

whether the rotation of the submersible pump shaft is normal and whether there is any jamming; 

whether the position of the impeller is normal; 

whether the cable and cable plug are broken, scratched and damaged, breakage etc.

Pay attention to observe the change of voltage during operation, and generally control it within ±5% of the rated voltage within the range. 

In addition, the position of the submersible pump in the water is very important, and it should be selected as much as possible in a place with sufficient water and no silt In places with good mud and water quality. hang vertically in the water, and do not allow horizontal placement, so as not to sink into the mud or be blocked by suspended solids at the submersible pump inlet, resulting in a sharp drop in water output or even failure to pump water.

2. For the self-priming pump, it should be placed in a well-ventilated place for operation, so as to facilitate rapid heat dissipation and reduce the temperature of the motor. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the motor if it runs for a long time. 

For example, when a farmer used a self-priming pump, he did not remove the plastic film covering the motor, the motor overheated and the coil was burned out. In addition, before starting, be sure to check the amount of water stored in the submersible pump body, otherwise, it will not only affect the self-priming performance, but also easily burn the shaft seal parts. 

Under normal circumstances, the water should come out within 3-5 minutes after the submersible pump is started, otherwise we should stop it immediately for inspection.

So the correct use method is the key to prolonging the life of the submersible pump.

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