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What are the requirements for submersible motors used in deep well submersible pumps?

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What are the requirements for submersible motors used in deep well submersible pumps?

The submersible pump is the main equipment used to lift water from deep wells. We have to fully submerge the body into the water to complete the work during use. The submersible motor is an indispensable part of the submersible pump. It is the main source of power to drive the submersible pump to complete the work.

What is the difference between a submersible motor and an ordinary surface motor?

  • Protection Levels

  • Cooling Method

  • Material Selection

1.Protection Levels

The protection level is very important for submersible motor products, submersible motors that do not meet the standards cannot be used in diving operations. The protection level of the submersible motor must meet the standard of IP68, and IP68 is the highest standard of protection level. The ground motor does not need to meet the highest standard of IP68.

2. Cooling Method

The ground motor drives the fan to rotate when the motor rotates to achieve the effect of "air cooling", while the submersible motor cannot achieve air cooling because it is completely sealed and immersed in water, and then adopts the "water cooling"  method by using a water-filled shielded submersible motor , water cooling is achieved by passing water over the surface of the motor.

3. Material Selection

Submersible motors need to be immersed in water for a long time, and even the water may contain corrosive substances and particulate impurities, while the working environment of ground motors is relatively comfortable, and the main problems are rust and dust in the air. Therefore, submersible motors generally use stainless steel with high anti-corrosion and anti-rust grades to achieve the purpose of working in water for a long time.

The submersible motor of the submersible pump must meet certain requirements before it can be used in deep well water intake and other working conditions. When choosing a submersible pump, we must  pay attention to the quality of the submersible motor to avoid accidents caused by the motor .

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