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Disassembly and installation methods of submersible pumps

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Disassembly and installation methods of submersible pumps

Disassembly of submersible pump:

-Use a disassembly wrench to remove the water inlet joint.

-Use a disassembly cylinder to impact the conical sleeve at the lower part of the pump.

-After the impeller is loose, remove the impeller, conical sleeve, and remove the guide shell.

-Remove the impeller, guide shell, upper guide shell, check valve, etc..

Motor disassembly:

Remove the base, thrust bearing, thrust disc, lower guide bearing seat connection seat, water thrower in sequence, 

take out the rotor, and remove the upper guide bearing seat, stator, etc.

Assembly of submersible pumps:

-Before assembly, check and clean the rust and sludge on all components.

-Apply butter to the mating surfaces to prevent rust, and apply lead oil to the large threaded connections of the submersible pump.

Assembly sequence of the motor:

Stator assembly - Lower guide bearing seat assembly - Rotor assembly - Thrust disc - Left buckle nut - Thrust bearing assembly - Base assembly - Upper guide bearing assembly - Framework oil seal - Connection seat.

-Adjust the bolts to ensure that the motor shaft extension meets the specified requirements. 

-Then install the pressure regulating film, pressure regulating spring, and cover.

Assembly of submersible pumps:

Fix the shaft and water inlet joint on the installation seat, use a disassembly cylinder to fix the impeller and conical sleeve on the shaft, 

and then install the guide shell, impeller, etc., in order to complete the installation of the upper flow shell, check valve, etc.

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