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What is the reason for the cracking of the stainless steel water pump body

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What is the reason for the cracking of the stainless steel water pump body

1. The pump casing is cracked due to prolonged use, natural aging, and decreased pressure resistance.

2. During transportation, the pump casing was strongly impacted with the inlet and outlet pipes, resulting in cracking of the pump casing.

3. The fastening bolts of the water pump are loose, the motor shaft is misaligned with the water pump shaft, 

and the pump casing is cracked due to abnormal vibration during operation.

4. The pump shaft is bent, the bearings are damaged, and the gap between the components of the multi-stage stainless steel water pump is too large, 

causing cracks to appear on the water pump under the action of additional centrifugal force.

5. The pump body assembly screws are locked too tightly, which makes the pump casing crack due to thermal expansion 

due to the change of medium temperature when the pump is conveying medium.

6. The multi-stage stainless steel water pump experienced resonance phenomenon, 

and the elbow and valve were not fixed properly, causing shaking, resulting in metal fatigue and faults.

7. The selection is unreasonable, causing the pump body to soften and the pressure resistance to decrease when transporting high-temperature media. 

The pump body may crack due to excessive pressure.

Hazards of pump casing cracking:

1. The operating performance, flow rate, outlet pressure, and efficiency of the water pump have decreased.

2. The generation of significant noise and abnormal vibration issues greatly affects the normal operation of the water pump.

3. The pump casing and impeller are damaged by external forces, reducing the service life of the water pump.

4. Pump casing cracking, not detected and repaired in a timely manner, can easily cause serious safety accidents.

5. Cracking of the pump casing can also result in a large number of bubbles, causing air binding and preventing the pump from working properly.

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