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Reason for tripping of submersible pump

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Reason for tripping of submersible pump

After installing and using the submersible pump, it will automatically trip after a period of time and immediately start without any response. 

After waiting for a few minutes , it can start again. What is the reason for the trip?

1. Motor overload

-The operating current caused by excessive load exceeds the rated current of the air switch, resulting in a trip.

2. Device reasons

-The water pump pipeline is blocked or the pipeline diameter is too small; The pipeline is too long and the lift is insufficient; 

The suction impeller is blocked by foreign matters; The bearing is lack of oil or damaged.

3. Cable causes

-Loose screws at cable terminals; The cable diameter is too small or the sealing is not good, causing water leakage and leakage; 

Tripping is caused by too small selection of air switch and unstable power supply voltage.

4. Model selection error

-The operating conditions do not meet the service range of the selected water pump.

5.If it is a newly purchased submersible pump, it is also necessary to consider whether it is commissioned as required upon delivery, 

as well as issues such as overload of the submersible pump caused by quality issues during the manufacturing and maintenance process of the submersible pump.


1. Remove the water pump from the pipeline and place it in a place where there is no water. Power on and test for a few minutes. 

Before tripping, manually turn off the power and touch the temperature of the cable and pump body with your hand. 

-If the temperature is too high, it indicates that the fault has not been eliminated. On the contrary, it may be due to pipe blockage.

-If it is a newly installed water pump, it may be caused by too thin a pipe diameter change or insufficient head.

2. Test the insulation of the water pump motor with a low voltage dial strap cable. 

-If it is lower than 0.5 megohm, it indicates that the insulation of the circuit or motor is insufficient. Remove the cable and test the insulation condition of the motor separately. 

-If it is higher than or equal to 0.5 megohm, it indicates that the load cable is leaking electricity. 

-Otherwise, it indicates that the water pump is not tightly sealed and there is water leakage inside the motor.

3. Remove the water pump mesh screen, and use pliers or other tools to rotate the water pump shaft. 

-If it can be easily rotated, it indicates that the bearing is okay. 

-If the rotation is difficult, it indicates that the pump body is seriously rusted, there is foreign matter blocking, or the bearing is damaged.

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