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Factors affecting flow and head of deep well pump

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Factors affecting flow and head of deep well pump

There are many main reasons that affect the total flow and head of deep well submersible pump:

1.Selecting the correct pump type

-Too small type pump will effect head and flow

-Too large type pump, it may damage the water equipment .

2. The motor power is improperly calculated and too small

-The motor power shall be selected according to the application environment of the working conditions.

-Different application environments will effect motor power.

3. Too high or too low speed of the submersible pump will interfere with the head or flow . 

When the rotating speed of the motor decreases too much, the working efficiency of the submersible pump will also decrease, 

resulting in insufficient water supply, insufficient head and other problems.

4. The pipe diameter of supporting transportation will also affect. Try to select the pipeline that has little impact on the pump head. 

The pipeline design must minimize the elbow and reduce the pipeline loss. 

In addition, the material and direction of the pipe will also affect the head of the pump.

5. Check whether all parts of the submersible pump work normally. The exhaust inlet pipe of the submersible pump is blocked; Excessive 

wear of impeller and seal will reduce the flow and head of submersible pump.

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