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How to deal with oil leakage of submersible pump

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How to deal with oil leakage of submersible pump

There are two possibilities for oil leakage of submersible pump:

-The seal box is severely worn, resulting in oil leakage in the oil chamber of the seal box.

-The cable has oil, or the cable used after maintenance does not meet the specifications, 

resulting in poor sealing and oil leakage.

Maintenance method: 

When the submersible pump has a slight oil leak, it should be stopped for maintenance to 

prevent water from entering the oil leak and damaging the motor.

The method is as follows:

1. Check whether the sealing box is damaged or leaking

Unscrew the nut of the oil filling hole at the water inlet joint and observe whether the oil 

chamber of the seal box is full of water. If the oil chamber is full of water, it indicates 

that the seal box is not well sealed.

2. Check whether the outlet end of the motor leaks oil

Observe whether there is oil at the root of the cable. If yes, it is oil leakage inside the motor. 

Generally, the three-eye sealing plug is damaged, and the sealing plug should be replaced. 

At the same time, cut off the lubricating part on the cable and reconnect it.

Some submersible pumps do not use three sealing plugs, and there is a terminal block in the outlet box. 

If the terminal block is damaged, it will also cause oil leakage. The terminal block should be replaced.

In addition, for the submersible pump with rewind coil during maintenance, if the 

wire used is unqualified (too small), the motor will also leak oil.

When repairing oil leakage. Pay attention to measuring the insulation resistance of the motor with an 

insulation resistance meter. If the insulation resistance value is very low, it should be removed and 

dried to make the insulation resistance value reach more than 5MQ.

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