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How to deal with insufficient lift of deep well submersible pump?

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How to deal with insufficient lift of deep well submersible pump?

Each failure may not be caused by a single cause, but may be the result of one or more joint actions. 

Submersible pumps are used as mechanical equipment by us. Inadvertently, our work may be delayed                  

due to insufficient pressure. So what should we do?

(1) Submersible pump is not filled with water

-Solution: Check whether the pump casing is full of liquid.

(2) The speed is too low

- Solution: check whether the motor wiring is correct and the voltage is normal.

(3) The system head is too high

- Solution: Check the head of the system (especially the friction loss).

(4) Impeller or pipe is blocked

-Solution: Check the obstacles.

(5) Wrong rotation direction

-Solution: Check the rotation direction.

(6) The packing or seal in the stuffing box is worn, resulting in air leakage into the vacuum pump housing

-Solution: check the packing or seal, replace it if necessary, and check whether the lubrication is normal.

(7) When pumping high temperature or volatile liquid, the suction head is insufficient

-Solution: increase the suction head and consult the manufacturer.

(8) Excessive impeller clearance

-Solution: Check whether the clearance is correct.

(9) Impeller damage

-Solution: Check the impeller and replace it if necessary.

(10) Impeller diameter is too small

-Solution: Consult the manufacturer for the correct impeller diameter.

(11) The position of the pressure gauge is incorrect

-Solution: Check whether the position is correct, and check the outlet nozzle or pipe.

Once the fault occurs, it is very troublesome to solve it. Therefore, we need to improve the maintenance of 

the submersible pump to minimize the occurrence of the fault.

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