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How to maintain water pumps during the rainy season

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How to maintain water pumps during the rainy season

1、 Centrifugal pump

-Lift the pump and hose out of the well and discharge the water inside the pump and hose.

-According to technical requirements, carefully inspect the impeller, bearings, cups and other parts of the water pump. 

  If there is any damage, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

-Wash the bearings with gasoline, apply butter, and then install them. 

  The cast iron parts such as the bottom valve and elbow of the water pump that have rusted should be derusted, 

  then coated with butter and stored in a dry place for reuse in winter and spring.

2、 Deep well pump

-If the deep well pump is not used temporarily, it can be started and run for half an hour every 7-10 days to prevent electrical equipment 

 such as motors and starters from getting damp and the rotating parts of the water pump from rusting.

-If the pump has been out of service for a long time, it should be taken out of the well for maintenance, rust removal, oil coating, and replacement. 

 After assembly, it should be stored in the warehouse.

3、 Electric motor

-The electric motor is prone to moisture if not used for a long time, so it should be disassembled from the well, pulled back indoors, 

 and the dirt on the motor casing should be wiped clean.

-The integrity of the machine center should be inspected according to technical requirements. 

  If there are worn parts, they should be repaired or replaced. After meeting the technical requirements, they can be stored in the warehouse.

-If it is temporarily discontinued, oil felt or plastic cloth can be placed on the motor and starter to prevent rain, moisture, and dust.

4、 Diesel engine

-During the summer and autumn rainy seasons, diesel engines placed by rivers or wells that are temporarily not in use should be promptly carried indoors.

-Thoroughly inspect, repair, replace parts, and apply oil according to technical requirements to maintain all parts in good technical condition.

-Store high for winter and spring use.

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