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The difference between different materials of water pump impellers

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The difference between different materials of water pump impellers

1. Different corrosion resistance

-Stainless steel impellers have a longer service life and are more hygienic.

-Impeller made of bronze material with strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance

-The impeller made of bronze material has excellent corrosion resistance, lubrication, high conductivity, and good mechanical properties.

2. Different efficiency

The use efficiency of stainless steel impellers is slightly higher than that of other materials.

3. Different prices

Bronze material impellers are more expensive than 304 stainless steel materials

4. Different temperature conditions

-Low temperature resistance is a major feature of the green steel impeller, and the strength of the green steel material will not decrease at minus 100 degrees Celsius

-At room temperature, the strength of stainless steel impellers is higher than that of bronze. 

Bronze also has high strength and hardness, and can withstand pressure processing in both hot and cold states. 

It also has high thermal strength and can maintain its mechanical properties at 400 ℃.

5. Different functions

Impeller is an important component of a water pump. The shape, size, and processing technology of the impeller have a significant impact on the performance of the water pump. 

The material of the impeller of the water pump must have sufficient mechanical strength, and also have certain wear and corrosion resistance. 

According to the requirements for the medium transportation of the water pump, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, or water pumps that transport flammable and explosive oils currently use bronze impellers.

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