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Technical Guidance On The Use And Maintenance Of Agricultural Submersible Pumps

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Technical guidance on the use and maintenance of agricultural submersible pumps

During the slack season, the submersible pump should be properly maintained to prolong its service life and ensure normal use during busy times.

How to Maintain a Submersible Pump?

  • Check the wearing parts

  • Replace lubricating oil

  • Disassemble the pump casing to prevent rust

  • Ensure sealing

  • Dry the motor

  • Ensure bearing lubrication

  • Check the bearings

  1. Check the wearing parts

The impeller, retaining ring, shaft sleeve, bearing housing, etc. of the submersible pump are wearing parts. First of all, the water pump part should be removed to check whether the wearing parts are in good condition. It is strictly forbidden to use damaged and unqualified spare parts.

2. Replace lubricating oil 

Open the oil hole screws inside the sealing chamber and the motor respectively, release all the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber and inside the motor, and replace with new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.

3. Disassemble the pump casing to prevent rust

Before using in spring, the uppermost pump casing should be disassembled, and then the switch should be closed and started after turning the impeller, so as to prevent the parts from getting rusted and unable to start normally and burn the motor. This maintenance is especially important for water-filled motors.

4. Ensure sealing

Agricultural submersible pumps have very strict requirements on sealing. When replacing the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber, if the oil is found to be turbid and has high water content, the sealing box or sealing ring must be replaced as a whole or replaced to ensure its sealing Good performance.

5. Dry the motor

Use a 500 megohm meter to measure the insulation resistance of the submersible pump winding and the casing. If the resistance is lower than 0.5 megohm, the water in the motor should be removed. Drying methods include: external drying method, electric current drying method and combined drying method. The external drying method is to use an external heat source for treatment. 

6. Ensure bearing lubrication

For water-filled submersible pumps, check and replace the skeleton oil seals and lithium-based grease in the bearing chambers of the upper and lower end covers. To ensure that the bearing works in a well-lubricated state for a long time.

7. Check the bearings

Check the upper and lower bearings of the motor. If wear or excessive clearance is found, replace the new bearings in time. It is strictly forbidden to make do with "sickness". The inspection method is as follows: If the motor produces a "click" sound when it is running, and the cycle is proportional to the speed, and it is laborious to turn the rotor by hand, it means that the bearing raceway is a bit astringent or tearing off; if there is an intermittent sound in the bearing There is a "choking" sound, and there is an uncertain dead point when the rotor is turned by hand. Generally, the ball frame is damaged, the inner ring is broken, or the ball is broken. In the case of the above, the bearing must be replaced to avoid further damage.

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