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What is an electric submerged pump

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What is an electric submerged pump?

The self priming hydraulic pump of the electric submersible pump has a strong self priming ability and does not require external force to supply oil

After starting the machine each time, it is necessary to wait until the hydraulic tank reaches the operating pressure before operating the machine. 

If the hydraulic oil tank is operated as a machine when the air pressure is insufficient, 

it will cause pulling off of the sliding whip in the hydraulic pump, resulting in abnormal wear of the return plate and pressure plate in the pump body.

The electric submerged pump has the following functions:

1. Anti-corrosion and strong stain resistance.

2. Dispose of adjustable pressure valves to facilitate re-calibration of working pressure and prevent pressure overload.

3. Lightweight and compact design, suitable for use in harsh working conditions such as buildings and ships.

4. Most models have standard motor starters with overload, overheat, and leakage protection functions.

5. Durable directional valve, suitable for single acting and double acting oil cylinders; 

The electromagnetic directional valve can be selected for remote operation; PLC control pump station optional.

6. Double speed pump station design, low pressure and large flow, fast movement of actuator 

when no-load, built-in high-precision high and low pressure automatic switching valve.

In addition, when using a hydraulic wrench, users need to check the plunger pump 1-2 times a day to check 

whether the hydraulic pump operates with a normal sound. Because the electric submersible pump uses a plunger pump supplied by a makeup pump. 

If it is found that the speed of the hydraulic cylinder decreases or the vehicle is stuck, 

the make-up oil pump should be disassembled and inspected to check whether there are scratches on the edge of the impeller and whether 

the clearance of the internal gear pump is too large. 

Regularly inspect the electric submersible pump of the hydraulic wrench, which can also effectively extend the service life of the hydraulic wrench.

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