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Common sense of submersible pump

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Common sense of submersible pump

Submersible pump is widely used in various industrial, agricultural and domestic water transmission.

Before using the submersible pump, we need to understand its relevant common sense to avoid unnecessary losses:

1. The submersible pump cannot be dewatered. The test run shall not exceed 5 minutes under water-free condition. 

During the pumping process, if the water level continues to drop, attention must be paid not to let the pump body work above the water surface.

2. It cannot be started immediately after shutdown. It can only be started after the water in the pipe has returned. 

If water cannot flow out after starting, stop the machine immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it.

3. It shall be used near the specified head; The inner diameter of the matched rubber pipe, iron pipe or canvas pipe shall meet the technical requirements.

4. When the submersible pump is put into or raised from the water, it is necessary to pull the lifting rope instead of the cable

Cut off the power supply before carrying, disassembling or overhauling.

5. When diving into the water, it should be lifted vertically, not lying horizontally, and not sinking into the mud.

6. The submersible pump should not be started frequently. When in use, the outside of the pump can be covered with bamboo 

net or wire mesh to prevent weeds in the water from blocking the submersible pump mesh or blocking the pump impeller.

7. After starting the machine,if the impeller reverses(at this time, the water output is greatly reduced or no water output), 

the machine should be stopped immediately, and any two phases of the three-phase core wire in the cable should be 

replaced to make it turn forward and water output.

8. Water pump control cabinet can be used for control. 

If there is no such equipment, three-phase knife switch can also be used, but electric fuse must be installed.

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