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Buying Jet Self-priming Water Pump Choosing Dolay Pump

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Product Features

JET PUMP is a well-known and most popular jet self-priming high-suction clean water pump. The pump body is made of cast iron. The pump is sealed with high-quality mechanical seals. The guide vanes and jets are made of heat-resistant engineering plastics. The product has been optimized to have the advantages of short self-priming time, stable operation, reliable performance, full-lift operation, and durability. . The pump is characterized by high head and deep suction, and the maximum suction can reach 10 meters.


The motor base is made of high-quality aluminum alloy; the whole machine has low noise, small vibration, and long service life; Class B insulation, IP54 protection level, and continuous working mode ensure safe and convenient use.

Working Conditions

1. Liquid temperature does not exceed 40°C

2. The pH value of the liquid is between 6.5-8

3. The amount of solid impurities in the liquid does not exceed 1%, and the particles are not larger than 1mm

4. The power frequency is 50HZ, the voltage is single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, and the voltage fluctuation range

0.9-1.1 times the rated value

5. Maximum suction distance: 10 meters.

6. Maximum altitude: ≤1000M

Selection Instructions

1. The flow and pressure of the pump are required to facilitate the correct selection;

2. The voltage and frequency of the area where the product is used: single-phase 220V/50Hz; three-phase 380V/50Hz can be selected; the voltage fluctuation range is 0.9-1.1 times of the rated value

3. Choice of impeller material: cast copper, stainless steel, cast aluminum, engineering plastics are optional;


This series of electric pumps is suitable for domestic water intake, well water extraction, tap water pressurization, garden irrigation, farmland drainage and irrigation, water supply for vegetable greenhouses, etc. Also used in family bathrooms. washing machine. Toilet water booster, rooftop water tower booster, garden watering system,

High head, Easy installation.

1. Install the first floor to pump well water or tap water to pressurize to the ground or to the second, third, or even fourth floor.

2. In the installation floor, pump the water downstairs to the home or the solar energy on the roof. (Water must be in the water pipe 9 meters below the installation position of the water pump to pump it up)

3. Install the roof to send water downwards.

4. When pumping river water or well water to water flowers, it is best to install a filter bottom valve on the inlet pipe to prevent debris.

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