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Common use problems of water pump

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Common use problems of water pump

Unable to start

First, check the power supply status. If the coupling connection is rigid, but the fuse is blown, the three-phase power supply is different.

-It may be an open circuit, poor contact, or blown fuse. 

In case of such situation, the cause must be found out and repaired in time. Then check whether it is the mechanical fault of the pump itself.

The common reasons for the above conditions are: 

1.Seal is too tight or the impeller and pump body are blocked by debris.

2.The pump shaft, bearing and reducer ring are rusted, and the pump shaft is seriously bent.


-Loosen the package and clean the water channel. 

-Disassemble the pump body to remove dirt and rust. 

-Remove the pump shaft or replace the pump shaft to fix it.

The water pump is hot


1.Bearing damage

2.Too small distance between sub-bearing or bracket

3.Bent pump shaft or misalignment of two shafts

4.Too tight tape

5.Insufficient oil or low oil quality.

6.The balance in the impeller is blocked, the impeller is unbalanced, and the impeller has a large thrust to one side.


-Replace the bearing. 

-Remove the rear cover and add a gasket between the bracket and the bearing seat. 

-Check the pump shaft or adjust the center of the two shafts. 

-Correctly adjust the tightness of the tape and remove the stopper in the rocker arm hole.

Insufficient flow

1.The feed is slow due to mismatch or belt slipping.

2.The installation angle of the axial flow pump impeller is too small

3.The head is insufficient

4.The pipe is too long

5.The pipe is at right-angle - bend angle

6.The suction height is too high

7.The bottom valve, pipe and impeller are partially blocked

8.The impeller is damaged.

9.The water supply pipe leaks seriously.


-Restore the normal speed, remove the belt grease, adjust the belt tension.

-Adjust the impeller angle to reduce the pump position, reduce the pipe size or change the pipe curvature. 

-Remove the obstruction and replace the impeller. Replace the leakage reduction ring to prevent leakage.

Unable to absorb water

1.The aeration pump and water supply pipe are full of gas.

2.The bottom valve is not fully closed.

3.The water is not fully diverted.

4.The vacuum pump is not sealed properly.

5.The shutter or flap door is not fully closed.


-Press water. 

-Then add water to the pump body and start the machine. At the same time, check whether the check valve is closed and whether 

the pipe or pipe fittings have no air leakage. If there is air leakage after removal, use lubricant or paint mixture on the joint and tighten the screw. 

-Check the oil seal ring on the water pump shaft and replace it with a new one if it is seriously worn. 

There is water or air leakage in the pipeline. The nut may not be tightened during installation. If the leakage is not serious, the cement slurry 

can be mixed with cement oil or asphalt oil instead of air or water leakage. 

-Temporary maintenance can be carried out with a little wet mud or mild soap. 

If there is leakage at the joint, you can use a wrench to tighten the nut. 

If the leakage is serious, the damaged pipe must be removed and replaced.

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