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How to disassemble the submersible pump

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How to disassemble the submersible pump

1. Use a wrench to remove the water pump power inlet box, and pay attention not to damage the sealing rubber ring.

Remove the power cord, use pliers to cut the three wires of the input motor coil, that is, two power lines, and one line in series with the capacitor.

In this way, the power cord and cover of the submersible pump are separated to facilitate the removal of other parts.

2. Then you can use a wrench to loosen several screws on the bottom of the water pump.

Pay attention to using a suitable wrench. Do not use a flexible wrench or a vice to pull the screws.

The purpose is to prevent the nut from being damaged and causing difficulty in disassembly.

3. After removing the screw, tap the water inlet section at the bottom with a hammer.

This is the pump cover of the submersible pump and also the water inlet of the pump.

The gaps around it form the filter screen of the pump inlet.

Prevent excessive impurities from entering and causing blockage.

4. After removing the pump cover, you can see the impeller of the water pump.

Next, remove the impeller. As the impeller and shaft rotate together, you can clamp them on the blade of the

impeller with a vice as shown in the figure above. Then loosen the shaft nut with a ring wrench.

5. After the impeller nut is removed, the impeller shall be taken out.

The simplest way is to use the handle of a wooden hammer to hit the shaft bolt.

The direction of striking is axial and horizontal force. Note that the shaft bolt is as high as the impeller face.

Remove the impeller. At the same time, use the vice to remove the key on the shaft.

6. Don't hit the shaft at this time. Then use an Allen wrench to remove the three screws as shown in the figure below.

7. Note that the motor cover at the other end of the water pump motor will also withdraw when knocking.

8. Take down three screws, and the seal chamber of the pump will be opened.

One side of the removed part is the impeller chamber, and the other side is the seal chamber.

9. Then carefully remove the seal moving ring on the shaft.

Note that there are static rings at both ends of the moving ring, which are installed in the fixed position.

Take care to prevent damage to the porcelain ring.

10. Use a hammer to gently knock out the shaft so that the rotor of the water pump motor can be removed.

It provides convenience for maintenance of water pump stator.

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