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Difference between clean water pump and sewage pump

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Difference between clean water pump and sewage pump

1. Different runner design

The sewage pump is used to deal with sewage. In order to prevent clogging, it is mainly designed with large flow channel, so the head is generally not high.

The clean water pump is pumping clean water, so the flow channel is small, the gap is small, and the head is relatively high.

2. Impeller design is different

The impeller of the clean water pump is mainly to improve the working efficiency, and the design will be more complex.

Because the impeller of sewage pump is worn quickly, and in order to prevent sundries from winding, the impeller 

design of sewage spring is simpler than that of clean water pump. 

There is no retaining ring, but it is equipped with serrated blades, which can pump out the sundries 

such as cloth head and branches after being crushed.

3. Pump body design is different

The sewage pump body is designed with a water pressure chamber. Impurities can be removed through the water pressure chamber. 

The pump flow channel is smooth. When the impeller rotates, the sewage will produce strong axial vortex effect, and the sewage discharge effect is significant.

The pump body of the clean water pump is directly connected with the motor. 

The hydraulic horizontal design is adopted for the pressure chamber and suction chamber in the pump, which is both beautiful and efficient.

4. Different uses

The clean water pump is used to transport clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to that of clean water, 

and is generally used for industrial and urban drainage, pressurized water delivery of high-rise buildings, 

garden sprinkler irrigation, fire pressurization, long-distance transmission, etc

Sewage pump is generally used to transport liquid containing particulate solids and long fiber impurities, and is widely used in sewage engineering.

Sewage pump can be selected for such vehicles as sewage suction vehicles and beauty suction vehicles.

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