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Installation steps of water pump silicone seal ring

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Installation steps of water pump silicone seal ring

1. Turn off the power supply of the water pump first, and hang a warning sign at the power switch of the water 

pump to prevent people from closing the power switch by mistake.

2. Remove the screws of the water pump end cover symmetrically.

3. Remove the pump motor and impeller. If there are screw holes on the pump cover, the impeller can be ejected.

4. Loosen the fixing screw on the impeller with a socket wrench.

5. Pull out the pump impeller with Lamar. If it cannot be pulled out, put a small wooden block on the impeller, 

knock it with a hammer, and slowly turn the impeller. If it is a cast iron impeller, pay attention to prevent Lamar from pulling the impeller out.

6. After the impeller is removed, check the condition of the water pump seal ring. First, slowly pull out the moving ring and remove it. 

If it is tight, spray lubricating oil on the shaft and remove the moving ring.

7. After the moving ring is removed, the mechanical seal stationary ring can be seen. Insert the stationary ring at the pump 

body mouth, and gently pry it with a straight edge. Pay attention to the L-shaped or O-shaped sealing ring 

outside the stationary ring, and do not pry it out;

8. Remove the damaged old sealing ring.

9. Install the seal ring size corresponding to the pump model.

10. Before the installation of the seal ring, ensure that the shaft sleeve and gland are free of burrs, the bearing is in good condition, 

and the seals, shaft, seal cavity and gland are clean and free of obvious impurities. 

In order to reduce the friction, a thin layer of lubricating oil can be coated on the pump shaft. 

If the adaptability of the rubber seal ring is considered, soap solution can also be used to replace it. 

The floating static ring does not have an anti-rotation pin structure, which is not suitable for applying lubricating oil. 

It should be dryly installed in the gland.

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