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Best Electric Portable Submersible Water Pump for Swimming Pool

  • Minimum well diameter : 4”
  • Maximum fluid temperature : 35oC
  • Maximum sand content : 0.25%
  • Maximum immersion : 100m
  • PH of the water source :  6.5-8.0
  • Voltage for 1 Phase : 220V-240V/50Hz (60hz)
  • Voltage for 3 Phase : 380V-415V/50Hz(60Hz)
  • Capacity up to 24m3/h at 2850 rpm
  • Head up to 307m at 2850 rpm
  • 4ST16-20-7.5HP


  • 8413701090

Product  Description  

  The products are used for deep wells, reservoirs, streams, ponds, industrial production water, farmland irrigation, fresh /clean water, domestic water, garden washing and fountains.

  4 Inch Water submersible pumps with 2-wire and 3-wire motors in Stainless Steel materials. Offering a full line of submersible pumps ranging from 1/2 to 7.5 HP with flow rates that can range from 0.9m3/h to 24 m3/h. the max lift can reach 325m.


For Water supply from wells or reservoirs

For Sprinkler irrigaton

For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications

For garden use and irrigation 

Motor and Pump

Rewindable motor or full obturated screen motor start(1 cable)  2. star-delta start(2 cables)

Single-phase: 220V-240V/50Hz

Three-phase: 380V-415V/50Hz

Dimension complied with NEMA standard

Curve tolerance accord with ISO2548

Maximum diameter :130mm &135mm

Options on Request

Special material components

Start control box or automatic digital control box

Cable length

Other voltages or frequency 60Hz

Single phase motor with built-in capacitor

Structure and Features

4ST stainless steel well submersible electric pump is a high-performance electric pump;

The material of the parts meets the environmental requirements of the European Union. The parts in contact with water are made of 304 stainless steel or copper and other non-corroding materials. The motor cooling oil is food-grade mechanical oil that is harmless to the human body;

● The motor adopts high-grade all-copper enameled wire, and the insulation grade reaches Class F; the sealed cable is used to prevent oil and water leakage at the cable inlet; the bottom of the motor is equipped with a pressure regulating membrane, and the maximum diving depth is 120 meters;

● Overall floating impeller design, made of PPO, has excellent sand and wear resistance;

● A stainless steel check valve is installed in the water outlet chamber to prevent the impact of water hammer on the pump components; non-leakage valves can be used in non-frozen areas.

The non-return valve can prevent the water stored in the water pipe from flowing back, and can realize water discharge immediately after starting up;

● The outer diameter of the electric pump is less than 100mm, and the motor and the pump body are in a separate structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement;

● The electric pump is equipped with a special cable junction tube to ensure that the joints will never leak;

● The electric pump has been equipped with an intelligent pump controller, which can effectively avoid burning due to abnormal voltage, impeller stuck, and no water in the well.

It has the function of automatically controlling the running and stopping of the electric pump according to the water level of the water tower.

Model:  KATREENI/4ST16-20

• Discharge Diameter : 51 (mm)

• Max Head : 119 (m)

• Impeller Structure : Closed impeller

• Structural Principle: Submersible pump

• Number of Impeller Stages : 20

• Pump Shaft Position : Side vertical

•Material : Stainless Steel

• Impeller Suction Method : Single Suction

• Included: 1.5m cable

• Flow rate: 16 (m3/h)


• Motor Power : 5.5 (kW)/7.5Hp

• NPSH: 10 (m)





Components                                  Material 4ST材质

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