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Unique Characters and Advantages:

3SP, 4SP, 5SP, 6SP, 8SP and 10SP

● Wearable and anti-corrosive AISI304 stainless steel for parts such as impeller, diffuser, outlet and suction support 

● Advanced moulding and punching craft procedures. 

● Rubber bearing is made of wearable rubber with low friction. 

● Strictly obey NEMA Standard connection method between coupling and motor . 

● High efficiency, high reliabitity impeller and diffuser design

● The ultra-high water inlet section has a lot of water inflow.

● Ultra-large flow, ultra-high lift.

● Longer service life.

● Full series includes 3inches, 4inches, 5inches, 6inches, 8inches, 10inches who are named as below:

3SP  4SP  5SP  6SP  8SP  10SP

Unique Characters:

●All metal materials are 100% SS304, the structure is corrosion resistant, clean and environmental friendly, and will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality.

●It is equipped with check valve to prevent the impact of backflow water pressure when the electric pump stops. Drain holes can also be set on the check valve seat according to the customer's needs to slowly drain the water in the pipeline to prevent the pipeline from freezing in winter.

●All stainless steel impeller has obviously higer wear-resistant and longer service life than the ordinary plastic impeller and brass impeller, so that the pump has high efficiency, good stability and long service life.

●Stainless steel sand net to prevent sand or large particulate matter into the pump body.

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