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The range of use and precautions for WQD cutting sewage pumps

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The range of use and precautions for cutting sewage pumps

  • The scope of application of the cutting sewage pump

  • Precautions for using the cutting sewage pump


Water pumps can be seen everywhere in life now. In cities, water pumps are mainly distributed in residential areas, sewage treatment plants and some industrial areas. However, in remote areas, water pumps are generally used to pump clean water for household use, so water pumps are used in different There are different ways of using it.

However, the function of the cutting sewage pump is relatively simple, and it is specially used to treat domestic sewage.

The scope of application of the cutting sewage pump

1. For construction sites, engineering foundation construction, municipal facilities, and water plants.

2. The basement of various high-rise buildings, civil air defense pits, subways and other underground sewage discharge.

3. Sewage treatment and circulating water transportation for small and medium-sized enterprises.

4. Slag slurry pumping in food, papermaking, brewing, steel and non-ferrous metals, leather, textile, pharmaceutical, cement factories and other factories and mines.

5. Chicken farms, pig farms, various aquaculture industries, fish ponds for pumping water, clearing ponds, oxygenation, septic tanks and other occasions for pumping human and livestock excrement and urine.

Precautions for using the cutting sewage pump

1. Before using the cutting sewage pump, you must first check whether the cable is damaged. When moving and installing the water pump, cut the iron to pull or damage the cable to avoid accidents caused by water leakage after the cable breaks. If the cable is cracked, the cable should be replaced immediately. And use a megohmmeter to check whether the insulation resistance of the cutting sewage pump is normal.

2. Identify the grounding wire (the grounding wire is generally yellow and green or connected with a grounding mark), and connect the grounding wire according to the prescribed procedures.

3. Choose a suitable protector, and do not connect directly with a knife switch.

4. Connect the power cord according to the standard, test the power supply, check whether the cutting sewage pump is running normally, and judge whether the steering is correct. If the steering is not correct, just exchange any two of the three power cords.

5. Install the water outlet connector and the water outlet hose (or iron pipe), tie a rope on the handle of the cutting sewage pump (the cable must not be used to replace the lifting rope), put the cutting sewage pump into the pumped liquid book, and connect Power on, ready to use.

6. In order to ensure personal safety, it is strictly forbidden to install and install water near the cutting sewage pump (such as moving or checking, troubleshooting, etc.) to touch the cutting sewage pump during the working period of the cutting sewage pump to prevent accidents caused by the leakage of the cutting sewage pump .

7. It is strictly forbidden to cut the sewage pump as a whole out of the water for long-term operation (or short-term operation). The "on" and "stop" of the cutting sewage pump should not be too frequent to prevent the motor from overheating and damage.

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