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WQ Sewage Pump Operation and Maintenance

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Sewage Pump Operation and Maintenance

   Due to the quality of product manufacturing, incorrect selection and installation, improper operation and maintenance, or the wear of parts after long-term use and the aging and deterioration of motor and cable insulation materials, etc., sewage pumps will cause failures. After the electric pump fails, the cause should be found out and eliminated in time before it can continue to be used, otherwise it will cause an accident.

   The following will introduce this kind of sewage pump. How to repair it if it burns out? How to maintain it?

1. The electric pump cannot start or it is difficult to start

Fault phenomenon:  After turning on the power switch, the electric pump cannot start; or the speed of the motor does not increase after starting, and the water pump does not produce water or the water output is small.

   This situation can be checked and analyzed from both electrical and mechanical aspects:

(1) Electrically, the power supply voltage is too low, which will make it difficult to start a large electric pump. Even if the current is large when starting and running, the motor will overheat. Check and adjust the voltage of the transformer to solve it.

If the capacity of the transformer is too small, it will be difficult to start the motor, so a transformer with a suitable capacity can be replaced.

The section of the power supply line is too small and the line is too long, resulting in a large voltage drop of the line and difficulty in starting the motor; it should be replaced with a line with a larger section or close to the transformer.

The motor is powered by two phases, one phase has no current, and the motor cannot be started. Check the three-phase current with a clamp ammeter, or observe the ammeter on the control cabinet. If the power supply is two-phase, cut off the power immediately; check whether the power switch is in good contact, whether the wiring of the main circuit is broken or loose, and whether the fuse is blown.

Finally, if there is no problem with the above, then check 

  • whether the power cable has a phase failure,

  • whether the cable connector is in good condition; 

  • whether the motor winding is blown, find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

(2) Mechanical aspects The three-phase current of the motor has large and balanced current, and the motor cannot be started. The reason should be found from the mechanical aspect. The bearings of the motor and the water pump hold the shaft, the impeller is stuck, and foreign objects enter the water pump or the motor will cause the motor to fail to start. . Disassemble the pump for inspection, troubleshooting or repair.

  The starting fault of the water pump and its treatment method can refer to the following methods.

Electric pump starting failure and its solution.

  • Cause of issue

  • Approach

Power supply voltage is too low

a. Transformer output voltage is low

b. The cross section of the power supply line is too small

c . power supply line is too long

a. Regulating Transformer Voltage

b. Change to a larger cross-section line

c. Move closer to the transformer

The voltage drop of the power cable is too large

a. The cable is too long

b. Cable cross section too small

c. Motor winding burnt out or open phase

a. Cut off the excess

b. Replace with a larger cross-section electrode

c. Overhaul, replace the winding

Power supply single-phase power supply

a. Poor contact of power switch

b. blown fuse

c. The wiring of the main circuit of the control cabinet is loose

d. Phase failure of power cable

a. Repair contacts or replace switch

b. Replace with fuse or fuse

c. Check and tighten the lugs

d. make repairs

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