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What are the reasons for insufficient flow of screw pump

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What are the reasons for insufficient flow of screw pump

1. Due to the small amount of water entering the pump, it cannot keep up with the amount of water exiting the pump.

Solution: increase the flow at the inlet of screw pump.

2. The inlet pipe seal of screw pump is not properly handled, for example, the pipe joint or the pipe itself is not sealed enough.

Solution: Immediately replace the pipeline with a new one or repair the leak.

3. The inlet pipeline or filter of the pump is blocked by sludge.

Solution: Regularly clean the pipeline opening to prevent filter blockage.

4. The rubber sleeve of screw pump is subject to chemical reaction due to idling or unadaptability to the liquid medium conveyed, 

and the gap between the rubber sleeve and the screw pump shaft becomes larger after the rubber sleeve is damaged.

Solution: Immediately replace with a more reasonable rubber sleeve.

5. The speed of the pump motor decreases and the speed is insufficient.

Solution: Increasing the speed will increase the flow rate.

6. Incorrect selection of screw pump

Solution: Because the product flow of the commonly used screw pump is calculated and tested according to the water level standard, 

if the specific gravity or viscosity of the conveyed liquid is larger than that of water, it should also be taken into account when selecting screw pump.

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