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What are the hazards of submersible pump water hammer

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What are the hazards of submersible pump water hammer?

Conditions for water hammer generation:

1. Sudden opening or closing of the valve

2. Sudden shutdown or startup of submersible pump unit

3. Single pipe delivers water to high places (water supply terrain elevation difference exceeds 20m)

4. Large total head (or working pressure) of submersible pump

5. Excessive water flow velocity in the water conveyance pipeline

6. The water transmission pipeline is too long and the terrain changes greatly

Hazards of water hammer effect:

1. Cause strong vibration of the pipe and disconnect the pipe joint

2. Damage to valves, severe excessive pressure, resulting in pipe explosion, and reduced pressure in the water supply network

3. Low pressure leads to collapse of the pipe and damage to the valve and fastener;

4. Cause the submersible pump to reverse, damage the equipment or pipelines in the pump room, 

seriously causing the pump room to be flooded, causing personal injury and death, and other major accidents, affecting production and life.

Protective measures to eliminate or reduce water hammer:

1. Reduce the flow rate of the water transmission pipeline

Reducing the flow rate can reduce the water hammer pressure to a certain extent, 

but it will increase the diameter of the water delivery pipe and increase project investment. 

When arranging water transmission pipelines, consideration should be given to avoiding humps or abrupt changes in slope as much as possible. 

Reduce the length of the water transmission pipeline. The longer the pipeline, the greater the water hammer value when the pump is stopped. 

From one pumping station to two pumping stations, connect the two pumping stations with suction wells.

2. Set up water hammer elimination device

1) Adopt constant voltage control technology

2) Installation of water hammer eliminator

3) Install a slow closing check valve on the outlet pipe of a large diameter submersible pump

4) Setting up one-way surge tank

5) Install bypass pipes (valves) in the pump station

6) Set up multi-stage check valve

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