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How can the flow rate of submersible pumps decrease

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How can the flow rate of submersible pumps decrease?

Reasons for flow decrease:

1. The impeller or pump body fluid flow path is blocked by debris

Treatment method: Disassemble the submersible pump, remove debris from the impeller or pump body flow path, 

make the impeller rotate smoothly and quickly, and make the pump body flow path smooth. Repair the product again.

2. Reverse

Treatment method: Replace any two phases of the power line or motor wiring.

3. The outlet pipe of the submersible pump is too small or too long

Treatment method: Correct the tubing according to the instructions. 

Recalculate and verify the pipe diameter, length, elbow, and vertical height from the pump to the outlet pipe orifice, 

and determine whether to modify the alignment pipeline or replace the submersible pump with a new model.

4. Low voltage causes low rotational speed: the voltage is much lower than the standard value

Treatment method: Increase its voltage to reach the standard value range.

5. The viscosity of the liquid pumped by submersible pumps is high: the viscosity of the liquid is greater than that of water.

Treatment method:Re-verify the friction and loss of the water outlet pipeline and the water inlet pipeline, increase the pipeline or replace the pump with a high pressure.

The above situations may cause the flow rate of the submersible pump to decrease. 

In our daily work, we must learn to judge the cause of this failure based on different performance in order to apply the right medicine to the case.

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The above is an introduction to how the flow rate of submersible pumps decreases. 

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