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4SD12 Deep Well Borehole Water Pump

  • Minimum well diameter : 4"
  • Maximum fluid temperature up to : +35 ºC
  • Maximum sand content : 0.25%
  • Maximum immersion depth : 80m
  • Single-phase :  220V-240V/50Hz
  • Three-phase :  380V-415V/50Hz
  • 4SD12/5-1.5HP


  • 8413701090

4SD Submersible Water Pump Drill Powered Pump

Product  Description
   4SD is a diving system deep well pump, oil immersed motor, using food grade mechanical oil,  energy saving and environmental pollution water source. Wide voltage design for low voltage start, 160 V low voltage start and 180-230 volts.The whole machine adopts thickened 304 stainless steel, more durable,  the body adopts a split design, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, long service life.Nanometer carbon multi-stage floating impeller, good wear resistance and sand resistance performance. Stainless steel bearings, hard, running smoothly.High precision rotor, made of high performance cold rolled silicon steel belt, surface through moisture and rust treatment, stable operation.Inlet encryption stainless steel filter net, effective filtering magazine.
Pressure regulating structure to ensure the maximum diving depth of 70 meters

Product Pumping Medium
The electric pump can operate continuously under the following conditions.
1.The medium temperature is less than 40 ° C.
2.The PH value of the media is between 6.5-8.5.
3.The volume ratio of solid magazines in the medium is less than 0.1%.The viscosity is not

greater than 0.2 mm.
4.The power supply frequency of 50HZ, voltage is single phase current 220V, three phase AC 380V, voltage fluctuation range is positive and negative 10% of the rated value.
5.The depth of immersion does not exceed 100 meters

Our  Service

1.We provide you 100% guarantee product and service, one year waranty from the dispatched time.

2.Many years experiment for producing submersible water pump.

3.Professional on exporting business.

4.Fast and cheap delivery.  we have long-term cooperation partners. we can deliver our product with competitive freigh.

Which Is The Best Deep Well Pump ?

  • Union water outlet

    High efficiency, energy saving,high power,low energy consumption,low noise, anti oxidation.

  • Stainless steel mesh cover

    All stainless steel material ,prevent debris into the pump body

  • Stainless steel barrel

    Stainless steel material ,never rust, long service life

  • All copper wire motor

    Oil immersed  motor, quality assurance, 100% copper wire motor

  • High quality cable, wear resistant, no pollution, anti-rust.

  • If you have been looking for KATRENI BRAND oil Filled Borewell Submersible Pump dealers,  your search ends here as you can get the best KATREENI Borewell Submersible Pump .You could purchase 4 Inch Single Phase or Three Phase oil immersed Submersible Pump of the finest quality and rest assured to get the best in terms of both durability and performance.


Rewindable motor or fully enclosed shielding motor
Single-phase: 220V-240V/50Hz
Three-phase: 380V-415V/50Hz
Dimension complied with NEMA standard
Curve tolerance accord with ISO9906

Options on Request
Special material components
Start control box or automatic digital control box
Cable length
Other voltages or frequency 60Hz
Single phase motor with built-in capacitor

Water supply
Sprinkler irrigation
Pressure boosting





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