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Method to solve blockage of sewage pump

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Method to solve blockage of sewage pump

The relevant methods for clearing blockages are as follows:

1. Rinsing with clean water and solvent can effectively ablate the medium, allowing it to loosen and discharge normally;

After confirming that the medium is harmless, cut off the power supply, manually disassemble the pump, 

and gradually remove the blockage by tapping with a soft hammer.Also it can be used hot water in suitable time.

3. If the sewage pump is blocked due to improper storage and corrosion, lubricating oil needs to be added to the corroded area, 

and then tools should be used for appropriate treatment.

After understanding how to remove blockages in large-diameter sewage discharge pumps, users can further grasp the measures to prevent blockages, as follows:

1. Install a filtering device at the inlet of the pump to prevent small debris from entering the pump chamber;

2. Dilute the viscosity of the medium as much as possible to avoid excessive viscosity adsorption on the pipe wall;

3. Conduct regular inspections and maintenance. Replace lubricating oil according to the service life of the sewage pump, 

and inspect internal vulnerable parts such as worm gears, impellers, bearings, pistons, etc.

4. Choose the appropriate pump type based on the composition of the medium. For example, for media with more fibers, 

submersible sewage pumps can be selected during cutting, and for media with more solids, large-diameter sewage sewage pumps can be selected.

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The above is an introduction to the methods to solve the blockage of sewage pumps. 

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