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Maintenance Of Water-filled Submersible Electric Pump

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Maintenance Of Water-filled Submersible Pump

Water-filled submersible pumps are widely used in farmland drainage and irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, well water extraction, domestic water intake, industrial and civil building water supply and drainage systems, as well as water diversion in hilly and mountainous areas, and drainage in low-lying areas.

The water-filled submersible electric pump is composed of two parts: the water pump and the electric motor. The water pump is located on the upper part of the electric pump and has a centrifugal structure, and the electric motor is located on the lower part of the electric pump. It is a water-filled three-phase asynchronous motor. The water-filled submersible pump motor stator winding and iron core are directly immersed in water, which has the characteristics of good cooling effect, large output power and high efficiency. Three-phase motors are divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings. The sliding bearings use graphite sleeves and stainless steel thrust discs to bear the radial force and axial force when the electric pump is working, with stable performance and reliable quality. The motor is composed of a sealing ring and a sand-proof cap. sealing device.


  • Check the wearing parts of the water-filled submersible pump

  • Replace lubricating oil

  • Ensure sealing

  • Remove the pump casing to prevent rust

1. Check the wearing parts of the water-filled submersible pump

First check whether the impeller, retaining ring, shaft sleeve, bearing housing and other vulnerable parts of the water-filled submersible pump are in good condition. Good ones can continue to be used, and bad ones must be reassembled after replacing with new qualified parts. It is strictly forbidden to use damaged and unqualified parts for water-filled submersible pumps.

2. Replace lubricating oil

Open the oil hole screws in the sealing chamber of the water-filled submersible pump and the inside of the motor respectively, release all the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber and inside the motor, and replace with new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.

3. Ensure sealing

When replacing the lubricating oil in the sealing chamber, if the oil is found to be turbid and the water content has exceeded the standard, the overall sealing box or the dynamic and static sealing ring must be replaced. The parts replaced by the water-filled submersible pump must be qualified products. Ensure its sealing performance.

4. Remove the pump casing to prevent rust

Before using in spring, disassemble the uppermost pump casing, turn the impeller and then close the switch to start,

so as to prevent the parts of  pump from being rusted and unable to start normally or burn the motor windings. 

5. Ensure bearing lubrication

For water-filled submersible pumps, check and replace the skeleton oil seals and lithium-based grease in the bearing chambers of the upper and lower end covers to ensure that the bearings of the water-filled submersible pumps run normally under long-term lubrication.

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