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What Is A Pipeline Booster Pump ?

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What is a pipeline booster pump and its performance?

The pipeline booster pump is a pump installed on the pipeline to increase the pressure. Generally speaking, the pipeline booster pump refers to the pump installed on the pipeline to transport liquid, not limited to a certain type or form of pump, it can be vertical or horizontal, such as vertical multistage centrifugal pump , Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps, vertical single-stage centrifugal pumps, horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumps, self-priming centrifugal pumps, etc. can all be called pipeline booster pumps. Generally, the pipeline booster pump referred to in the industry generally refers to the pump with pipeline structure. Please refer to the working principle of the centrifugal pump for the specific boosting principle and structure.


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Table of contents

  • Performance characteristics

  • Disadvantages

  • Selection matters

Performance characteristics of pipeline booster pump

1. Most pipeline booster pumps use centrifugal pumps. It has a wide range of performance, mature manufacturing technology, and convenient use and maintenance.

2. It is convenient and reliable to operate, easy to adjust and maintain, and easy to realize automation and remote operation.

3. The rotating speed is high, and it can be directly connected with the electric motor and steam turbine, and the transmission mechanism is simple and compact.

4. Adopting pipeline structure (inlet and outlet are located on the same straight line) design, the installation is very simple, just need to connect the inlet and outlet; if the pump body is not faulty during maintenance, the pump can be maintained as a whole without removing the pipeline.

5. Simple and compact structure, small size, light weight, few parts, easy manufacture, low cost, and small footprint, so its equipment and repair costs are relatively cheap.


The viscosity of the liquid has a great influence on the performance of the pump. When the viscosity of the liquid increases, the flow rate, head, suction lift and efficiency of the pump will decrease significantly.

The application of centrifugal pumps in the case of small flow and high head is subject to certain restrictions. Because the flow path of the pump body of the small flow centrifugal pump is very narrow, it is difficult to manufacture, and the efficiency is relatively low.

It cannot start and stop automatically without a controller.

Selection matters

From the definition, we know that the pipeline booster pump is a special name for boosting the pipeline installed on it. It is not limited to a certain type or form of pumps. Generally speaking, pipeline booster pumps in the industry generally refer to pumps with pipeline structure, which can be directly installed in series like a pipeline. Since the pipeline booster pump is another name for the pump, its selection also follows the selection of the pump, and the parameters that must be paid attention to are flow, head, material, medium specific gravity, etc. The flow rate and lift we usually refer to refer to the rated flow and rated lift of the pump. The so-called rated flow and rated lift refer to the condition that the pump inlet and outlet are fully open and work at the power frequency (50Hz). The amount of water pumped and the height to which the water can be pumped. The rated head corresponding to the rated flow of the pump is called the optimal working point of the pump. This working point is the working point with the highest efficiency of the water pump. Therefore, when selecting a pump, try to choose the pump with the best working point parameters, so that not only the best potential of the water pump can be exerted, but also the service life of the water pump can be improved.

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