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The reason why the screw pump does not rotate

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The reason why the screw pump does not rotate

1. The motor rotates and the screw pump body does not rotate

-Check if the motor speed and speed ratio are normal to troubleshoot the motor.

-Check whether the pump casing has too tight filling material, whether the medium inside the pump is smooth, 

and whether there are hard solid objects or other classified garbage blocking the pump chamber. 

Lubricating grease or soap solution can be introduced into the pump chamber, and then use a wrench to rotate it twice.

-Check the pump shaft and shaft sleeve and other components for signs of aging or damage. If there is any damage, it must be replaced with new parts.

2. The motor makes noise but the pump does not rotate

Usually it is a problem with bearings, rubber stators, and eccentric screws

-Check the integrity of the bearings, turn on the pump, and see if the rotor is stuck by something;

Is there any residual medium condensation that causes the metal screw to not drive properly; 

Is the rubber stator damaged due to unexpected operating conditions. If the components are damaged, please replace them.

 If they are blocked, please use hot water or solvent for cleaning and dredging.

3. The motor and screw pump body also do not rotate:

-Check whether the installation meets relevant specifications to prevent damage to the characteristics caused by incorrect installation parts or pipeline layout. 

The key is to check the motor to ensure that it is the original supporting facility motor and has not been modified with other equipment. 

Conduct an inspection on the switch power supply to determine.

-Before conducting motor inspections, pay attention to ensuring that the power supply is disconnected. 

The internal structure of the motor is complex and requires employees with professional knowledge in the maintenance center to operate it. 

If necessary, you can seek service support from the manufacturer.

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