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Remedial methods for water leakage of submersible pumps

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Remedial methods for water leakage of submersible pumps

1.The sealing ring of the submersible pump loses elasticity due to long-term use

-Take out the sealing ring, cut a piece of paper or cloth with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters into a pad slightly larger than the original sealing ring, 

install it in the groove, and finally install the original sealing ring.

2.The rubber sealing ring inside the nylon sealing seat is worn out

-Take out the sealing ring and replace it for installation

-If the fastening spring on the sealing ring loses elasticity or breaks, the spring can be removed and tightened with a steel wire or iron wire of appropriate diameter.

3.The first sealing ring is severely worn

-Take out the nylon sealing ring, coat it with asbestos rope with butter, wrap it around a stainless steel sleeve and fill it slightly higher than the original nylon seat, 

then fill it with butter, and then press the nylon seat tightly with bolts.

4.The sealing ring between the sealing box and the cast iron loses elasticity

-Take out the sealing ring from the cast iron groove, cut a hard paper shell with a thickness of 0.6 to 1mm into the same size, 

place it in the groove, and then place the sealing ring in place.

5.Damaged oil hole rubber sealing ring

-Find a piece of adhesive tape, cut it into a hole slightly larger than the bolt, add a flat pad on top, and cover it together in the bolt oil inlet hole.

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