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Reasons for motor heating

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Reasons for motor heating

1. The quality of the motor itself is poor, and the heat dissipation is poor. 

If this happens, contact the manufacturer and replace it in time.

2. Due to the incorrect selection of water pump, the high lift pump operates under low pressure, 

which will cause excessive flow at the pump outlet and overload the motor, 

because excessive load will increase the power consumption of the motor.

3. The grade of insulation material determines the allowable temperature rise limit of the motor.

4. Since the liquid to be transported is a liquid with a large specific gravity and high viscosity, 

the selected pump is not suitable for the liquid medium to be transported

If the specific gravity is greater than water, the motor power should be increased, and screw pump should be selected for the viscosity.

5. Abnormal vibration or noise of the motor can easily cause the motor to heat up. 

This situation belongs to the vibration caused by the motor itself, which is mainly due to poor 

dynamic balance of the rotor, poor bearing, shaft bending, different end caps, bases, rotor shaft centers, loose 

fasteners or uneven or improper installation of the motor installation foundation. Vibration produces noise and additional loads.

6. The air gap between the stator and rotor of the motor is very small, which is easy to cause the collision between the stator and rotor. 

In small and medium-sized motors, the air gap is generally 0.2mm to 1.5mm. 

When the air gap is large, the excitation current is required to be large, which affects the power factor of the motor; 

If the air gap is too small, the rotor may rub or collide.

Generally, due to the serious out-of-tolerance of the bearing and the wear and deformation of the inner hole of the end cover, 

the different axes of the base, end cover and rotor will cause the drilling, which is easy to cause the motor heating and even burning.

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