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Maintenance and upkeep of submersible pumps

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Maintenance and upkeep of submersible pumps

1. Replace sealing ring

After long-term use in sewage media, the gap between the impeller and the sealing ring may increase, resulting in a decrease in water pump flow and efficiency.

The electric switch should be turned off, the submersible pump should be lifted, the bottom cover should be removed, the sealing ring should be removed,

and the sealing ring should be equipped according to the actual size of the impeller mouth ring, with a gap of generally around 0.5mm.

2. Reasonable placement

When the submersible pump is not in use for a long time, it should be cleaned and lifted in a ventilated and dry place, paying attention to antifreeze.

If placed in water, run for at least 30 minutes every 15 days (dry grinding is not allowed) to check its function and adaptability.

3. Check the cable

Check the cables at least once a year and replace them if they are damaged.

4. Motor self inspection

Check the insulation and fastening screws of the motor at least once a year. If the insulation of the motor decreases, please find a dedicated person to repair it.

If the fastening screws are loose, please tighten them again.

5. Is the oil contaminated

The submersible pump has been injected with an appropriate amount of engine oil before leaving the factory to lubricate

the mechanical seal, and this engine oil should be checked once a year.

If water is found in the engine oil, it should be drained, replaced with the engine oil, the sealing gasket replaced, and the screw plug tightened.

After three weeks, it is necessary to recheck. If the oil returns to emulsion, the mechanical seal should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

6. After a malfunction occurs in the operation of the submersible pump, please follow the troubleshooting method provided.

If the problem cannot be solved and the cause cannot be determined, do not dismantle or repair it without authorization.

Instead, immediately find a dedicated person to repair it.

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