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Analysis of the causes of water pump vibration

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                                                    Analysis of the causes of pump vibration 

Analysis of the causes of pump vibration leads to many reasons for vibration in units and pump room buildings, and some factors are both related and interacting, which can be summarized as follows:

There are mainly the following four reasons

  • Electrical aspect

  • Mechanical

  • Hydraulic aspect

  • Hydraulic engineering and other aspects

1.Electrical aspect

The motor is the main equipment of the unit, and the internal magnetic imbalance of the motor and the imbalance of other electrical systems often cause submersible pumps

Vibration and noise. For example, in the operation of asynchronous motor, the radial alternating magnetic tension between the stator and rotor generated by the harmonic magnetic flux interaction of the stator and rotor teeth, or the inconsistency of the magnetic center of the stator and rotor or the air gap difference in each direction exceeding the allowable deviation value during the operation of the large synchronous motor, may cause periodic vibration and noise of the motor.

2. Mechanical

The quality of the motor and pump rotating parts is unbalanced, shoddy, poor installation quality, the axis of the unit is asymmetrical, the swing exceeds the allowable value, the mechanical strength and rigidity of the parts are poor, the bearing and sealing parts are worn and damaged, and the critical speed of the pump has been resonating with the natural frequency of the unit, etc., will produce strong vibration and noise.

3. Hydraulic aspect

The uneven flow rate and pressure distribution at the inlet of the pump, the pressure pulsation of the working liquid at the inlet and outlet of the pump, the liquid around the flow, the deflection flow and deflow, the non-quota working conditions and the cavitation of the pump caused by various reasons are all common causes of vibration of the pump unit. Sudden changes in pressure and water hammer in the water pipeline caused by dynamic transition processes such as pump start and stop, valve opening and closing, working condition changes and accident emergency shutdown often lead to vibration in the pump room and unit.

4. Hydraulic engineering and other aspects

The inlet flow channel of the unit is unreasonable or not compatible with the unit, the submerged depth of the pump is improper, and the unit starts the pump control valve

and unreasonable shutdown sequence, etc., will worsen the water inlet conditions, produce whirlpools, induce cavitation or aggravate the vibration of the unit and pump room. When the unit using the destruction of siphon vacuum cut-off, if the air carrying in the hump section is difficult, the siphon time is too long; The design of the shooting door of the unit with the door cut off is unreasonable, and it opens and closes when it opens, and constantly hits the door seat; Uneven subsidence of the foundation supporting the pump and motor or poor rigidity of the foundation will also cause the unit to vibrate.

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