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Advantages and disadvantages of high lift deep well pumps

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Advantages and disadvantages of high lift deep well pumps


1. There are limitations in the structure of submersible pumps, such as a smaller head range than chemical pumps, which greatly affects the selection range.

2. Submersible pumps are partially immersed in the medium during operation, making installation and maintenance more difficult than those installed on the ground. 

At the same time, parts are prone to damage, resulting in a lower service life than chemical pumps.

3. During use, cables and seals are prone to aging, leading to electrical leakage.


1. The structure is simple, and the electric motor and water pump are integrated, without the need for a long transmission shaft. It is small in size and lightweight.

2. Both the electric motor and water pump are submerged in the water, and there is no need to build a ground pump room.

3. Due to the fact that electric motors are generally used for water lubrication and cooling, maintenance costs are low.

3. The high lift deep well pump has a unique balancing device that prevents the pump from generating downward axial force, thereby extending the service life of the motor.

4. Due to the use of cold drawn seamless steel pipes as the casing of the pump and the fact that the pump does not generate axial force, 

the pump head can be significantly increased, with a lift of over 2000 meters. Greatly expanding the scope of pump appointment.

5. The pump impeller is equipped with high wear-resistant filling material and wear reducing gaskets, 

which enhances the pump's wear resistance and greatly improves its sand resistance compared to ordinary submersible pumps. 

At the same time, the pump impeller can be made of materials such as ductile iron, nickel alloy cast iron, copper alloy, etc. 

The pump outlet connection methods include oil pipe buckle and flange connection, for different users to choose from.

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