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Preparation before use of submersible pump

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Preparation before use of submersible pump

1. Check whether the cable is broken. Before use, not only observe the appearance of the cable, but also 

use a multimeter or megohmmeter to check whether the cable is connected. There shall be no oil leakage at the cable outlet.

2. Before the use of a new pump or the start of a standby pump that has been placed for a long time, 

the insulation of the stator to the shell shall be measured with a megohmmeter to be no less than 1M Ω

otherwise the motor winding shall be dried to improve the insulation level. 

The insulation resistance value of the submersible pump delivered from the factory generally exceeds 50 M Ω when measured in cold state.

3. Check whether the submersible pump leaks oil. The possible oil leakage paths of submersible pump include the cable connection, 

the sealing at the oil filling screw of the sealing chamber and the O-ring at the sealing part. Check whether there is oil leakage. 

The cause of oil leakage at the refueling screw is that the screw is not tightened or the oil-resistant rubber gasket under the screw is damaged. 

If it is determined that there is oil leakage at the O-ring seal, it is mostly due to the O-ring seal failure. 

At this time, it is necessary to disassemble the electric pump and replace the seal ring.

4. Before the submersible pump that has been out of service for a long time is used again, 

the impeller should be turned before starting to prevent the motor winding from being burnt out due to the parts being rusty and starting without water. 

This is more important for water-filled submersible pumps.

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The above is about the pre-use inspection of submersible pumps. 

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