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Reasons for insufficient water output of deep well pump

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Reasons for insufficient water output of deep well pump?

Why does the deep well pump not produce water during operation? What is the reason 

why the deep well pump does not produce water? Zhejiang Dolay Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has summarized 

many important factors for you. The software on which the various factors are published will bring 

you some basic knowledges of deep well pump, so that you can better deal with the problems 

encountered in emergencies. 

In the process of using deep well pumps, sometimes there will be insufficient water flow, no water output

 and low pump head. So, what is the reason for this? 

There are three reasons for the insufficient water flow of deep well pump: 

-the river is too large

-the pump section gap is too large

-the impeller is damaged.

If the water flow is not enough due to excessive reduction of the river surface, it is proposed to replace the 

deep well pump with another centrifugal pump with more stages according to the need for pumping water 

flow of the deep well and the flow, and properly adjust the pipeline and rotating shaft. The insufficient water 

flow may also be due to the large gap of the pump section. At this time, adjust the axial clearance of the impeller.

If the impeller of the deep well pump is damaged, the best way to deal with it is to lift the pump section out 

and replace the impeller. So what if the motor is running and the deep well pump doesn't produce water? 

On the main page, if the water level of the pump is too high to absorb moisture, the treatment method at this 

stage is to lift the pipeline and rotating shaft. Secondly, if the water filter is blocked, lift the deep well pump 

out of the well, remove the blocking of the water filter and then reinstall it.

If the pump section extends too much to the deep well, the treatment method is to lift one or two pipes of 

the pump section. There are two problems with insufficient pump head of deep well pump.

One is that the pump section gap is too large, and the other is that the impeller is damaged. The front sewage 

lift pump section is used to adjust the axial clearance of the impeller, and the rear.

Zhejiang Dolay Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has spent a lot of human resources, material resources and funds to increase 

the scope of independent innovation, developed and designed more than 30 types and specifications, more 

than 1000 types and specifications, available well diameter: 50~200mm, total flow: 2-120m ³/ h. Pump lift: 10-500 m. 

Pump design scheme, liquid design scheme, motor application, control system and other operation capabilities. 

Dolay Pump has always adhered to the corporate culture of "building a new capacity and strength" and provided 

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