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Why do some submersible pumps need water before use

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Why do some submersible pumps need water before use?

Submersible pumps, as the name implies, are put in water to work. 

But when purchasing submersible pumps, some manufacturers will remind them to add water before starting. 

Many people will be confused and feel that this step is redundant. But since it was prompted by the manufacturer's friendship, this step is reasonable. 

Now let's analyze why some submersible pumps need to add water before starting.

The submersible pump is placed in the water. If there is air inside the pump, air binding will occur after starting, that is, light can not absorb water. 

The vacuum can be formed after adding water, so that the pressure in the shell is less than atmospheric pressure. 

Therefore, before the pump works, it is necessary to add water manually to form a closed environment inside the pump, 

and then the movement of the parts inside the pump will cause local vacuum, 

so that the external water can be pressed into the pump inlet by atmospheric pressure under 

the internal and external pressure difference to complete the suction action. 

Moreover, the water added by the submersible pump is not directly added to the inside of the motor, but added to the inner cavity of the motor. 

The water used to cool the motor is to prevent the motor from overheating and burning the motor.

Now those who have questions understand the reason why some submersible pumps add water before use! 

Therefore, when we buy submersible pumps, if the manufacturer reminds us to add water, we should not take chances and ignore this step. 

If we ignore this step, the submersible pump will be damaged, causing certain economic losses.

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The above is about why some submersible pumps need to add water before use. 

If you want to know more about this question, or if you have questions about other pump products, pump selection, pump model, and pump price.

Please contact the pump manufacturer. Our company also produces self-priming pumps. 

Your inquiries are welcome at any time.

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