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Causes and maintenance methods of pump impeller failure

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Causes and maintenance methods of pump impeller failure

Cause of water pump impeller failure

(1) It is likely that the water quality of the pump inlet is poor and there are many impurities in the pump.

(2) The filter screen of the faucet or the inlet horn is relatively close to or in the sand.

(3) There are many solid particles in the medium pumped by the pump, and the impeller is not selected correctly.

(4) The pump impeller nut is loose for a long time or often, resulting in the impeller loosening and eccentric wear.

(5) The pump works under the condition of cavitation for a long time, which increases the degree of cavitation damage of the pump.

Maintenance method of water pump impeller failure

(1) Inspect the inlet water quality of the water pump, and use air compressor or other machines 

and tools to improve the water quality or add trash racks to improve the water quality.

(2) Raise the filter screen of the faucet of the water pump or lift the bell mouth of the water inlet to ensure that they can leave the sediment. 

Generally, the distance from the bottom of the well should be more than 1 m, and not less than 0.5 m.

(3) Open the pump body of the water pump to check the clearance of the sealing ring, the installation position and 

quality of the impeller, check whether the positioning key of the impeller moves, whether the lock nut is loose or falling off, 

and whether the clearance between the impeller and the pump housing meets the specified requirements, and find out 

the situation for repair, adjustment or replacement. Reassemble the water pump as required. 

During the assembly of the water pump, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the water pump installation.

(4) Open the pump body of the pump to check the wear and fixation of the impeller. 

Users need to replace the impeller with wear-resistant material regularly to extend the service life of the pump impeller.

(5) To eliminate the cause of cavitation and improve the anti-cavitation performance of the pump, 

the installation height of the pump can be reduced according to the situation, and the correct installation height needs to be calculated.

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