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Proper use of a sewage submersible pump can extend its service life

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                                                              Proper use of a sewage submersible pump can extend its service life

In sewage treatment, pumps are used very frequently, so how can we make our sewage submersible pumps work better and last longer?

1. Determine the correct direction of motor rotation

The direction of rotation of the motor should be clarified. Nowadays, there are many types of sewage submersible pumps that can discharge water in both forward and rotation directions. However, the water output is small and the current is large during rotation. If the rotation time is long, the motor windings will be damaged.

2. Prevent abnormal power supply voltage startup

Because low-voltage power supply lines are relatively long, it is common for the voltage at the end of the line to be too low. When the phase voltage is lower than 198 volts and the line voltage is lower than 342 volts, the sewage submersible pump motor speed decreases. When it does not reach 70% of the rated speed, the starting centrifugal switch will close, causing the starting winding to be energized for a long time and heat or even burn. Bad windings and capacitors. On the contrary, too high voltage causes the motor to overheat and burn out the windings. Therefore, when the sewage submersible pump is in operation, the operator must check the power supply voltage value at any time. If it is less than 10% lower than the rated voltage and more than 10% higher than the rated voltage, the motor should be stopped to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

3. Insulation resistance requirements for cable devices and sewage submersible pumps

When installing a sewage submersible pump, the cables should be overhead and the power cord should not be too long. Do not put stress on the cable when the sewage submersible pump is launched into the water or lifted out to prevent the power cord from cracking. Do not sink into the mud when the submersible pump is operating, otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation of the motor and burn out the motor windings. When installed, the insulation resistance of the motor should not be less than 0.5 megohms.

4. Installation of leakage protector

The leakage protector is also called a life-saving device. Its effect can be understood from the three words "life-saving device". Because the sewage submersible pump operates underwater, it is easy to leak electricity, cause loss of power, and even cause electric shock. If a leakage protector is installed, as long as the leakage value of the submersible sewage pump exceeds the operating current value of the leakage protector (usually no more than 30 mA), the leakage protector will cut off the power supply of the submersible pump to ensure safety and prevent leakage and damage. electrical energy.

5. Prevent frequent switching

Do not frequently switch the submersible pump on and off. This is because backflow will occur when the electric pump stops. If it is started immediately, the motor load will start, resulting in excessive starting current and burning out the windings. Because the current is very large when starting, frequent starting will also burn out the sewage submersible pump motor windings.

6. Do not allow the sewage submersible pump to be overloaded for a long time

To prevent the submersible electric pump from being overloaded for a long time, do not pump water with a high sand content and check whether the current value is the value specified on the nameplate at any time. If the current is found to be too high, stop the machine for inspection. In addition, the dehydration operation time of the electric pump should not be too long to avoid overheating and burning of the motor.

7. Pay attention to daily maintenance

The motor should be inspected frequently. If cracks in the lower cover, damaged or failed rubber sealing rings are found, they should be replaced or repaired in time to prevent water from entering the submersible pump.

Pay attention to the use of the sewage submersible pump protector and some daily maintenance, which can very well extend the service life of the submersible pump.

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