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How to prevent corrosion of submersible pumps

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How to prevent corrosion of submersible pumps

Controlling the corrosion of underground water on submersible pumps mainly involves two aspects:

First, improve the corrosion resistance of pipes and use materials with good corrosion resistance.

Second, remove or suppress some factors that cause corrosion.

Corrosion prevention measures:

1. Replace the screw connecting the well pipe of the submersible pump.

-Every year, it is necessary to propose the wellhead maintenance and replacement.

 It is best to use galvanized screws for connection. Oil the steel wire rope or cover it with a plastic pipe.

2. Apply (plating) a protective layer.

-Coating (plating) a protective layer on the surface of pipes has the following characteristics: electrical insulation, integrity, and durability. 

The coated material has a certain adsorption force and strength, and is non-toxic and economical.

3. The use of high-quality materials, pipes with good corrosion resistance, connecting screws, and copper wire ropes can greatly extend the service life.

-The same metal material should be made with a smooth surface rather than rough surface; Annealed, not hardened. 

Welding joints at stress concentrations are prone to corrosion, which should be avoided during fabrication and installation.

4. Strengthen regulation in areas where calcium bicarbonate is heavily precipitated, try to take various 

measures to reduce the hydraulic jump value of the water supply pipe well and reduce the water 

inflow speed of the submersible pump, namely, increase the filter diameter and increase the water inflow area. 

When the water demand is determined, use a small pumping drop, and use an upper limit for the gravel filling diameter.

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The above is an introduction to how to prevent corrosion of submersible pumps. 

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