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6 common faults of deep well pump

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6 common faults of deep well pump

1. Pumping is not allowed or the head is seriously insufficient: at this time, the water pump will not turn 

when it is running, and the submersible pump will also have large noise when it is idling. Most of these 

phenomena are caused by the damage of the bearings of the submersible pump.

2. Poor sealing: the shaft extension end of the water pump motor has a double-end mechanical seal 

component, which is made of high wear-resistant materials. After the submersible pump has been used for a 

period of time, the seal element causes poor sealing due to wear or natural aging, resulting in oil leakage 

and water seepage. In addition, there are circular rubber sealing rings on each mechanical mating surface to form 

a sealing pad to prevent water from seeping into the pump body. However, due to the high motor speed of submersible 

pump application, the mechanical seal end face will be seriously worn in long-term application.

3. The water outlet pipe is damaged and leaking: the sound of normal rotation of the submersible pump impeller suspended 

in the deep well can be heard (the electric meter also rotates normally), but the water can not be pumped or only a small 

amount of water can come up. Most of these conditions are that the water outlet pipe has been damaged.

4. Pump jamming: the pump does not rotate, but the buzzing noise can be heard. Most of this is because the pump impeller is stuck 

by foreign matters. For example, due to geological reasons, the sand content of well water is high, which is easy to damage the filter screen cover.

5. Leakage: leakage is one of the common faults of the submersible pump. The common fault phenomenon is that when the 

switch is closed, the leakage protector in the distribution room will automatically trip, which is also caused by the leakage of water 

in the pump body of the submersible pump.

6. The starting capacitor fails: the buzzing sound can be heard when the power is connected, but the submersible pump 

motor does not rotate; At this time, if the impeller is gently moved and the submersible pump can rotate immediately, it can be judged 

that the capacitor has been damaged.


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