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What To Do If The Stainless Steel Water Pump Freezes In Winter?

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How To Prevent Freezing Of Stainless Steel Pumps In Winter?

  • Maintainance for stainless steel water pump

  • Protection for stainless stell water pump


1. After the stainless steel pump is stopped in winter, we must release all the water stored in the pump and the pipeline to prevent the water from accumulating or freezing to crack the water pipe or pump body after the temperature drops, and clean the external dirt and dust. clean.

2. After that, the impeller, bearing, sealing ring, check valve and other vulnerable parts of the water pump should be inspected regularly. If the cast iron parts are found to be severely worn or rusted on the surface, they should be updated in time, and then cleaned with gasoline. Butter and reassemble.

3. For the cast iron parts such as the pump cavity and connecting parts of the water pump, use a wire brush to clean the rust, then apply anti-rust paint, and store it in a ventilated and dry place after drying.

4. Finally, clean the disassembled screws with diesel oil, apply engine oil, and then reinstall or wrap them with plastic cloth for storage to prevent corrosion or loss.


1. After the pump is used up, ensure that the water is drained, and check whether the pipeline sinks. If there is water, it must be drained to the outside to ensure that the water in the pump body can be discharged normally after the pump is stopped and the air is released, so as to prevent accidents. The return water and external temperature are too low, and the pipeline is frozen.

2. At the same time, the water pump also needs to wear "clothes". When working in the cold outdoors, you can use cotton wool, towels, waste clothes, etc. to wrap water facilities such as water pumps, water pipes, and faucets that are exposed outdoors to achieve heat preservation.

3. For frozen water pumps and water pipes, do not turn on the water pump without waiting for the ice to melt. This will easily cause damage to the water pump or mechanical failure.

4. The method of thawing is recommended to apply a hot towel on the water pipe and then shower with warm water to defrost. Do not directly bake with fire or scald with boiling water to avoid cracking of the pipe or pump body.

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