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What Is 4 Inch 6 Inch All Stainless Steel Deep Well Submersible Pump?

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What is  4 inch 6 inch all stainless steel deep well submersible pump?

4SP and 6SP stainless steel deep well pumps are well submersible electric pumps directly connected to the pump, which can be directly submerged into water for operation. The structure is slender. Single-stage or multi-stage up-pump type water-filled wet three-phase asynchronous motor submersible pump. It is specially developed for agricultural drainage, sprinkler irrigation, industrial and civil building drainage systems, and is suitable for ponds, fish ponds, water towers, deep wells, high-rise water delivery, and fountains.

SP stainless steel deep well pump product description

  • The power supply is 50Hz, 380V three-phase alternating current or (single-phase 220V).

  • The electric pump is completely submerged in water to run, and the submerged depth is not less than 0.5m and not more than 5m. 

  • The ambient water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees Celsius. 

  • The water source is non-corrosive clear water, the sand content is not more than 0.1%, and the pH value is 6.5-8.5. Vertical installation, upright wellbore, no misalignment of well pipe

  • SP all stainless steel deep well submersible pump 

Product Features

  1. The motor and water pump are integrated, submerged in water to run, simple in structure, energy-saving, safe and reliable.

2. Beautiful appearance, light weight, low noise, no pollution, strong adaptability to the placement environment, greatly saving engineering costs, and does not affect buildings and natural landscapes. 

3. It is easy to install, use and maintain, and occupies a small area. 

4SP, 6SP stainless steel deep well pumps are suitable for

Farmland Irrigation

Pumping groundwater, reservoirs, canals, rivers, mines, etc. 

Water lifting project is mainly used for water for humans and animals in plateau mountainous areas.

Water supply and Drainage in cities, industries, railways, mines, and construction sites.

SP full stainless steel deep well submersible pump model meaning 


Well diameter 4 inches (100mm) 

SP – integral stainless steel submersible deep well pump 

Flow (m3/h) 8 

Pump stages 24 

Rated power (kw) 2HP

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