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Dolay Pump Well submersible pump/well submersible motor/QJ series geothermal well submersible pump

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                                       Dolay Pump Supply Well Submersible Pump

  • Well submersible pump

  • Well submersible motor

  • QJ series geothermal well submersible pump

   QJ series products are important equipment for deep well water extraction. When in use, the whole unit submerges into the water to work. It extracts groundwater to the surface, which is domestic water. Mine emergency rescue. Industrial cooling. Farmland irrigation. Landscape. Hot water submersible pumps are used for hot spring bathing. Residential areas can be used as geothermal circulation pumps when they use geothermal heating for heating, etc., and they are widely used.

   This product is an important water-lifting equipment for geothermal development and utilization projects. It is heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and has a service temperature of 120 ° C. It has passed the national and ministerial appraisal. The shell of the submersible motor is made of stainless steel and tin bronze.

  • Well diameter: 150-350mm 

  • Head: 6-600m 

  • Motor power: 3-250kw


 The main body of the well submersible pump is composed of two parts: 

  •     QJ type submersible electric pump 

  •     YQS type submersible motor

It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, convenient installation, use and maintenance, safe and reliable transportation, and energy saving.

1. Power Requirements:

(1) The rated power supply voltage is 380V±5% and the frequency is 50Hz±1%. The rated voltage of the motor terminal should be guaranteed to be within the allowable deviation range of the rated voltage.

(2). The load power of the transformer should not exceed 75% of its capacity

(3). When the transformer is far away from the wellhead, the line voltage of the transmission line should be considered. For motors with a power greater than 45KW, the distance between the transformer and the wellhead should not exceed 20 meters.

2. Equipment Protection.

The control equipment of the water pump must have short circuit, phase loss, overcurrent and overload protection functions. And ensure that the setting value is adjusted to a stable and sensitive position during installation.

3. Water quality requirements:

(1) Generally non-corrosive clear water.

(2) The sand content in the water is not more than 0.01%.

(3) pH value is in the range of 6.5-8.5.

(4) The chlorine content in the water is not more than 400mg/L.

(5) The hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/L

(6) The water temperature is not higher than 20°C.

(7) The motor cavity must be filled with distilled water (or clean water)

(8) The first-stage impeller of the water pump should penetrate at least 3 meters below the dynamic water level. 

     The electric pump unit should not penetrate more than 70 meters below the static water level. 

     The distance between the bottom of the motor and the bottom of the well should not be less than 5 meters.

4. Shaft  Requirements:

Upright, smooth, without protrusions or misalignment of well pipes, 

the inner diameter of the well should not be smaller than the corresponding frame size.

5. Requirements for the form of use:

Vertical use. (If you need horizontal use or other forms of use, please contact Dolay manufacturer to choose fountain pumps. Note: fountain pumps are for horizontal use.)

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