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Zhejiang Dolay Pump Supply Large-flow and High-lift Submersible Pump

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                                Zhejiang Dolay Pump Supply Large-flow and High-lift Submersible Pump

1.The QJ large-flow and high-lift submersible pump is designed to pump liquids underground and in mines. It is composed of a submersible motor and a submersible pump directly connected.

The main reason why large-flow and high-lift submersible pumps are limited in lift is that they cannot overcome the axial force. That is to say, the thrust bearing of the motor cannot withstand greater thrust, so the lift is limited. In order to better solve the above problems , Dolay Pump Industry Technology Department has concentrated on researching a new type of stubby submersible pump.

Appearance : 

The outer diameter of the pump is 460mm, and the height of the water pump is less than 1 meter to 2 meters. Because the axial force is reduced, the solid performance is stable, the noise is low, and the life is long.

This kind of pump generates small axial force, and the flow rate can reach 50m3/h to 500m3/h. At the same time, the head can reach 300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters, 600 meters, 700 meters, 800 meters, 900 meters, and 1000 meters, with high efficiency. Up to 70%.

The flow rate can reach 2200 tons per hour, and the head can reach 1500m.

2. SP series small flow high head submersible electric pump

★ Used for deep well water extraction, gold mine, silver mine, iron mine, coal mine rescue, and construction site drainage.

★ The motor and water pump are integrated into one body, which can be submerged in water to operate. It is spark-free, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

★ There are no special requirements for well pipes, as long as the water pipes can withstand the corresponding pressure.

★(Mining, corrosive liquids), sea water, chemical enterprises, municipal water supply, ponds, fish ponds, water towers, deep well water lifting and high-rise water supply, fountains, domestic water supply

3. Application conditions

★ Pumping medium : liquid similar to clean water with solid content of no more than 0.02%

★ Medium temperature : 40℃ for ordinary pumps, 120℃ for hot water pumps

★ Medium ph value : 3 to 10

★ Power supply requirements : Power supply with frequency of 50hz, 60hz (can be customized) and rated voltage of 380v, 660v,          1140v, 3000v, 10kv±5%.

4. Technical Parameters

★ Flow range : 50 to 800 cubic meters/hour

★ Lift range : 300 to 1500 meters

★ Power range : 3 to 3000kw

★ Speed : 2900 rpm 

★ Optional materials : HT200, 304, 316, 316L

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